What is Fo-sho?

We are building insurance like never seen before! It’s going to be amazing! Fo-sho is a
financial services product provider, powered by cool technology and innovative underwriting
models to bring affordable short-term insurance to you. We want to make insurance incredibly
easy for you to buy, understand and  manage.


Has Fo-sho been launched already?

Fo-sho stepped into the spotlight from stealth mode on 30 November 2017.  We are in
closed beta testing of our technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning and to
stress-test our algorithms. If you want to help, and be the first of your friends to be at the
cutting edge of technology and insurance, join us.

How safe is Fo-sho?

Fo-sho uses state-of-the-art cloud computing and storage.
These systems use the highest level of encryption, personal
information and data protection.


How do I join?

Step 1: Joining
• download our mobile app or sign up on the website
• a sales agent will call you back to guide you through the process
• we will send you a quotation
• if you accept, you’re part of the Fo-sho community

Step 2: Joining an existing group

• your invite to Fo-sho will contain a unique code allowing us to match to a specific group
• you can also create your own group if you wish to – this is a simple process within the
maintenance options

Step 3: Insuring

• you get to decide how you insure your assets – digital or analogue
• we’ve create a fully digital interface using your photos or you can fill in a digital form – the
choice is yours

How do I claim?

When life happens you are able to reach us in the easiest way possible for you. All you need
is your policy number, identity number or cell number. Then contact us via:
• our mobile application,
• the Fo-sho website online chat, or
• our call centre to speak to one of our consultants
• you will be guided through the easy process

Lower premiums

This is really where the magic happens! Our actuaries and data scientists work tirelessly to
pay you bonuses. The greater the bonuses which are banked, the lower the premiums.

Inviting friends
Everything is better with friends. So inviting your friends to your group is a no-brainer!
You can invite friends in three ways by sending them your unique group code:
• via our mobile application
• via our website
• from you mobile device

The group code is unique and encrypted, so it can never be used by anyone else.


Who is SAM?

SAM is our awesome Artificial Intelligent ChatBot. Sam is a sophisticated algorithm able to learn and improve. Sam’s purpose is to be at your beck and call 24/7/365.

What is the benefit to you?
• you are assisted at anytime day or night to insure, change your coverage or making a claim
• more importantly, we don’t have to pay someone to be at your beck and call, this means we are saving money and passing these savings to you

What can you insure?

Fo-sho is a short-term insurance product. You are able to insure all your most important and precious things with us. Everything from your car to your home and everything in-between, like furniture, electronics, leather jackets, skis and all the stuff you love.


Does age affect my premium?

Yes, age is a major factor when calculating your monthly premiums and will have an impact.

Does marital status affect my
monthly premium?

Yes. Behaviours and social trends of single people usually differ from those of married couples but this is also impacted by the groups you are in.


What does the term “excess” mean?

The excess amount is the amount you pay for the uninsured share of your loss – the first uninsurable amount. This helps in keeping your premiums as low as possible. You can increase your premiums and therefore lower your excess or vice versa.


Why does my premium increase if my vehicle is depreciating?

As the value of the vehicle decreases with age, you require servicing the vehicle often. Factors
looked at include parts and labour that become more expensive, natural disasters get taken
into account and the performance of the Rand.

Statistically, it is shown that vehicles are not written off every day and the cost to maintain
them becomes more costly with age. Therefore, with age, repairs and maintenance increases
and hence your premiums increase accordingly.


What does the term “average clause” mean?

This refers to a clause in a policy which requires that, where assets are insured for less than their full value, the insured is required to bear a proportion of any loss. The proportion is the amount by which the assets are under insured, expressed as a percentage of its insurance value, at the time of the loss.

For example: household contents to the value of R60,000 are destroyed by fire. You have insured the household contents for R100,000 but it is found that you should have insured the contents for R150,000. That means that one third of your contents were not insured and premiums were not received by the insurers for this portion of the risk.

As a result, one third of your claim will not be met and the settlement will be R40,000 less any deductibles.
Calculation: Actual sum insured x Claim = Claim settlement value at risk R100,000 – R60,000 = R40,000.


Fo-sho underwritten by Constantia Insurance Company Limited
An authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 31111